Hospital cooling system back online after electronic record blackout


Hospital Cooling file photograph


The data centre at the regional hospital came back online Saturday afternoon after a major cooling system failure.

The failure occurred early Friday morning when a malfunction sent temperatures rising uncontrollably inside the data centre at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Alarms sounded as electronic imaging, patient records and email servers were temporarily knocked out. 

Parts arrived Friday evening to repair the system and non-urgent care was not disrupted. 

Dawn Bubar, the hospital’s senior director of informatics, acknowledged there may have been some delays for labs and diagnostic procedures throughout the day as image results had to be delivered manually through other parts of the hospital.

“Like any organization we’re highly dependent upon computers but we have very effective protocols and procedures in place to allow business to continue, particularly delivery of patient care to our patients safely throughout the duration,” she said.

Bubar said the malfunction occurred despite redundancies in the both the cooling system and controller, which both failed simultaneously.