• The right design for your Data Center.
  • We develop the design that meets your needs. Your site is unique.
  • We give you the quality energy requested for your applications so you dont have to worry about your UPS and its maintenance.

Assessment Services

Our specialized team check the major operational points of your Data Center in order to validate its vulnerabilities according to the best industry practices for  data center, we check the opportunities to save energy to get a Green data center and improve the overall efficiency (The Green Grid).

Our recommendations, based on the best practices for Data Center, look for the improvement of the opperational conditions and  keep your Data Center uptime..

Some of the tools we use during our on site inspections are:

  •  Digital infrared cammera and annemometer
  • Power quality analizer
  • Harmonics Analizer
  • Refrigerant Analizer

We take sample measures of the electrical and environmental infrastructure in order to check the operating points and make some recomendations in order to improve the current conditions of operations, following the international standars for Data Center and looking for energy savings..

INGEAL has designed these assessments for our customers realize the real situation of his infrastructure and its vulnerabilities based on the ASHRAE recomendations, on comercial building energy audits, (ashrae reserch project 669 and ashrae s­pecial project  56)

Technical Services

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance to mission critiral equipments. Service Level up to 7 x 24

Quick respoonse for equipment diagnostic and in warranty services.

We are Contracted Authorized Service Center  CASC for APC and Service Provider SP too, so you know you are with the right partner to get the warranty of you APC product regardless you bought it.