The Accelerating Evolution Of Data Center Technology

Data centers have never been more important to the private and public sectors as they are today, with organizations demanding highly efficient, cost-effective, low-latency and scalable solutions for their storage and access needs. In virtually any major technology trend that gains this type of traction, accelerating demand will directly translate to quicker transformations and innovations among competing providers, which helps to drive the positive impact of the product higher for users.

In the case of current trends in the market, green data center services appear to be growing in prevalence and demand, forcing developers and solutions vendors to keep pace with the evolution of the technology itself and relevant demands of clientele. Given the fact that more leaders and consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and choosing to select products and services that come with a smaller carbon footprint at better rates, green data centers are more popular than ever.


Is It Really Green?

CIO Magazine recently argued that green data centers are still somewhat of a work in progress, which is by no means a bad thing considering the benefits of more opportunities to progress and innovate in the market. After all, a proverbial glass ceiling would not do much to help competitors in the green data center market, nor the current and prospective clientele who are looking for more progressive options as the years go on.

According to the news provider (sounds very stiff), there are options out there today that come with far lower carbon footprints than traditional data centers, but more comprehensive planning and development appear to be the next step toward greener outcomes. For example, the source cited the comments from the Global e-Sustainability Initiative’s leaders who affirmed that green practices will become more common from the outset of data center development and construction and all the way through the equipment’s lifecycle.

As a note, CIO Magazine pointed out that the energy demands of data centers will increase by 81 percent within the next five years.

Are These Options Advantageous? 

In short, green data centers are objectively advantageous for several direct and indirect reasons. One direct benefit is the lower cost of energy given the ultra-high efficiency models, while an indirect advantage is the ability to market the company as an environmentally conscious entity in an era characterized by demands for corporate sustainability.

At the end of the day, green data center solutions will become more popular in the coming years, and getting a jump on the competition by embracing the technology early is never a bad idea.